Discount Bathroom Fixtures and Accessories

When you have a bathroom that needs some updating or refurbishing, you may think to change the appearance of walls and floors, but forget all about the bathroom fixtures. Bathroom faucets and fixtures are used in so many areas of a bathroom that upgrading these fixtures can change the look of the entire room.

If you want to change the look of bath sinks or bathtubs, for instance, then consider switching out sink faucets or bathtub faucets with an entirely different faucet type. Best Plumbing Discount carries a variety of faucet types from well-known manufacturers, including Moen, Kohler and Grohe. Faucet types offered for bath sinks and bathtubs include those with a single control integrated directly onto the faucet and three-piece fixtures with a faucet and separate hot and cold controls. Bathroom faucets for sinks and bathtubs also come in a number of sizes, from short to tall, and in a number of designs, such as an arch style with a curved faucet or a waterfall style. Specialized faucets for clawfoot bathtubs are also available.

Bath sinks and bathtubs aren’t the only places in a bathroom where a change in fixtures can make a big impact on appearance though. Best Plumbing Discount also supplies a host of showerhead and controls for showers. Fixtures for showers range in styles from single units that install to the shower wall in one piece to three-piece and four-piece units, designed for shower and tub combos. If you want a more mobile shower environment, you may want to upgrade from a stationary showerhead to a handheld shower head or sliding shower head fixtures, which allows for the water spray to be aimed in any direction that you choose, giving you the ultimate shower experience.

When you upgrade the faucets in showers, bathtubs and bathroom sinks, you can change the color scheme throughout your bathroom. If you have silver bathroom fixtures, for instance, you can switch to brass or nickel to create a completely new look throughout the bathroom without having to replace the entire bathtub, shower unit or sinks. If you really want to redesign a bathroom though, Best Plumbing Discount sells all of those fixtures too, including whirlpool tubs, soaking bathtubs, shower enclosures, pedestal sinks and vanities.

To complete the upgrade package of your bathroom, you may also want to replace the last major fixture in your bathroom, the toilet. Best Plumbing Discount can help you make that upgrade as well. Toilets offered through Best Plumbing Discount include those made by Toto, Kohler, and American Standard. Like the selection of faucets, the selection of toilets sold through Best Plumbing Discount is extensive. Toilets are available in standard sizes, with elongated seats, soft seats, or with short seats, which can be advantageous in a home with young children or a handicapped individual. You can also get a toilet designed for use in corners, which can be useful in bathrooms with limited space, or if you would just like to take a different approach to your bathroom design, and or a toilet designed to be hung from the wall instead of floor mounted. Like a corner toilet, a wall-hanging toilet can be advantageous to small spaces. Though, generally a toilet comes in white, Best Plumbing Discount does offer some variation in colors if you would like a color change for the fixture as well.

Whatever type of upgrade you are going for in your bathroom, don’t leave out fixture replacements, which can often make more of an impact on the design of the room than you might realize.

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