Faucets are not only stylish accents for your kitchen or bathroom; they are useful pieces of equipment. There are faucets to meet every function, and a finish or style to complement any design scheme. There are oil rubbed bronze bridge style faucets for a classic appearance, or the contemporary single handled chrome faucet with a pull-down sprayer for a more streamlined look. There are many types of faucets available for every need you might have.

You can choose from an assortment of kitchen faucets that can perform in a variety of ways. For those that do a lot of cooking, a pot-filler can be purchased for your stove area, which doesn’t require installation of a sink. For the person who wants to increase efficiency and create more counter space, they can purchase wall-mounted faucets or a high arc pull-down faucet, making washing dishes or filling large pots faster and easier. If you want to save money on water, then you might like the filtered water faucets in the drinking water systems area, which can help you money on buying bottled water, without sacrificing safe drinking water. We use hot water for many of our cooking and cleaning needs, and with a hot water dispenser, you can enjoy hot water without letting the water run for long periods of time and the water that is wasted in the process. If you like entertaining then a bar or prep faucet, might be for you. These faucets can be used in a bar space and living area, or can be installed in the kitchen to allow for double the efficiency. In your kitchen, you could use a prep faucet with a second sink, to clean vegetables while the other sink is used to wash and soak dishes.

There are many styles and purposes for faucets in the bathroom as well. There are tub faucets and handles which can be tub-mounted or wall-mounted, and also standard wall-mounted shower faucets. For those who want to add an elegant touch to their bathroom, there is a wide selection of bidet faucets to choose from, in a variety of different finishes, to complement the other bathroom fixtures. Whether your bathroom is contemporary or traditional, there are bathroom faucets and other faucet fixture styles to match it. For an ultra modern look and feel, there are battery operated sensor-controlled faucets for cleaner, hands free operation.

The garage, patio/deck and laundry room can also be areas of your home that can benefit from faucet installation. Available products range from utility sinks, to bedpan washers and service sinks, plus there are many different faucet options available for your use, no matter what purpose you need them to serve.


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